So you would like to use the app ?

The Beo5/6 ThirdParty Configurator App is available free on the AppStore.


The free version has full functionality, so it is possible to try it out and see if does what you need. You can create a new user account, download products from the server, and configure your remote with the products and macro's you need. Or you can begin to create your own products and see how that works.


However, the free version has some limitations.


  • Only one remote can be created.
  • Only 2 SoftKeys will be generated for each configuration.
  • Only the Hardkeys Play,Stop,Up,Ok,VolUp and VolDown will be included in the XML.


If you, after you have tried it out, decide that it does what you need, and you would like to generate the complete configuration files, You can upgrade the App to the Pro version by In-App purchase.


The Pro version

Before upgrading to the Pro version, please test and try the free version to find out if the App can help you with your needs.


To upgrade to the Pro version, go to "App Settings".


If you have never bought the upgrade, then press the "Upgrade to Pro" button.


If you have bought the Upgrade at one time, and has re-installed the App, then you can restore the purchase by the "Restore previous upgrade". You can also press the "Upgrade to Pro" button again, you will NOT be charged again. The AppStore will tell you that you have already bought the upgrade