Program your Beo5/6 Remote


Once you have created your configurations, it is quite easy to get them off the iPad.


You can generate XML in two ways.


  • Generate XML for ALL configurations for the selected remote.
  • Generate the XML for a single configuration.


To generate XML for all configurations, just select a Zone, and press the "Generate XML" button in the top right corner. This will generate a zip file with all your configurations as XML and open the Email dialog so you can send the file to whoever you like. The Email dialog will use the email configured for the active remote as SendTo value.


You can also select a configuration, and press the "Generate XML" button, this will do the same as the above, but only generate XML file for the selected configuration.


After you have send the files, simply open the Email om the computer that holds the B&O config tool, and copy the XML files to the "ThirdParties" folder of the "Beo5 Configuration Tool".