About the App

The Beo5/6 remote control is the worlds greatest multi-remote, but unfortunately it is quite complex to program it to control other products. This App makes it much much easier for the "ordinary" people to create the XML files needed for 3rd party control, and then either by themselves or by help of other, upload them to the remote.


Why I got the idea to the App ?


My living room consists of the following products.


Samsung UE46C6005 LED TV

Kiss KMM3000 SetTop box for my TV Channels

Bang & Olufsen Beomaster 7000 connected to a Beolab 7.1 Speaker


Western Digital WDTV Live


When I for example press "Watch TV" on my remote, I need it to do the following.


Turn on the Samsung TV

Turn on the Kiss TV box

and turn on the BM7000 on the AUX input


After a lot of hours creating the XML file manually (and after helping a lot of other people creating XML files for their remote), I decided to make my life easier, and the idea was born.