Capturing IR codes from a remote

Hopefully as the database grows bigger, the need for creating TPF files for products, will become smaller.

RemoteControl II

When I have been asked to help people with their Beo5, I have usually learned the IR codes using my old and trusty HP iPaq 2210. I found a program called RemoteControl II, this program will learn the IR codes in Pronto format for your remote. Just install the Remote Controll II on your Windows CE device, and begin the learning progress.

You can find Remote Control II here.

I usually just create a PocketWord file for each Pronto code learned, and when I have documents for each command on the iPaq 2210, then I transfer all the files to my computer.

Then it's just a matter of creating the TPF file with the Pronto codes for each command, and import that TPF file into the App, and finally test the product.

You can read more about the TPF file with pronto codes here

How to use RemoteControl II

First you need to install the program on any device that is supported by the RCII program. Then it is just a matter of beginning the learning. Here is a little help to begin with. If you still have any questions, then you can consult the RCII homepage and help.

Launch RCII and place your remote in front of the IR receiver.

Press the top right button to get access to the context menus.

Select "Edit IR Database..."

Expand one of the products already in the database, and select a button. I normally just use the A.TAPE button for B&O.

Press the "Learn IR Code". A screen is then shown with instructions on what to do. The instruction tell you to press AND HOLD the button you would like to learn from. I have had some bad experience with HOLDING the button. I normally just press one time, not to short and not to long :)

Once the button has been pressed, an "Oscilloscope" with the learned IR command is shown, along with the Philips Pronto codes for the command. The Pronto is what we need.

Some times the "Oscilloscope" turns red. If this happens, then the Pronto codes might still work, but I usually try again with either a shorter or longer press on the remote button until it goes green.To be sure you can clear then Pronto field before learning again, that way you are sure that you copy the correct Pronto codes.

Once the Pronto codes are learned, then select them and copy to the devices clipboard

Once the codes are copied, then launch PocketWord. This might be device specifik, but on the iPaq 2210 you can switch between active applications using the rightmost hardbutton.

When PocketWord has launched, then create a new document.

Once the new document has opened, I usually put the remotebutton name(in this case the learned command was the key 1) in the first line. This causes the document to be named as the button name. On the second line, I just paste in the Pronto codes from the clipboard.

Press the OK button to save the document and show the list of already created documents.

Then it is just a matter of transfering the PSW files from the device to you computer. How to do this depends on the sync program to your device, but my iPaq 2210 uses "Windows Mobile Device Center".

After you have the files on your pc, OpenOffice can open the PSW files.

You then create a TPF file with all the Pronto codes now learned. See here for instructions.